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How to Grow a Bird of Paradise

Also known as Strelitzia reginae, a bird of paradise is a plant that bears exotic but attractive flowers.

The name of the plant was patterned after a species of birds because the flowers of the plant resemble the appearance of the birds.

The different kinds of Strelitzia reginae include the white bird of paradise, the giant bird of paradise as well and the crane lily.

The leaves of this plant have the same appearance as the leaves of the banana tree. If you want to know how to grow a bird of paradise, it is best to learn the simple steps in cultivating the plant at your place.

Additionally, it is important to know the location where the plant grows well.

Materials Needed

To avoid experiencing problems, it is important that you prepare all the needed gardening materials beforehand.

Some of the materials that you will use to cultivate the plant are bypass pruners, fertilizers, garden hoses, and mulch. Aside from these materials, you need an organic fertilizer and organic compost.


Where does a bird of paradise grow? The plant grows well when cultivated in well-drained soil exposed to full sunlight.

Make sure that the place where you plan to cultivate the plant is tropical. Before planting a bird of paradise, make sure that you apply organic fertilizer to the soil. Look for Strelitize Reginae in local nurseries. Transfer the plant to the soil carefully.

If you are cultivating several plants, always provide two-foot spaces in between plants. Mulch the topsoil with organic compost. Water the soil.

Check the plant every day. Make sure that you water the plant weekly. Remove withered leaves and weeds near the bird of paradise. To help with the growth of the plant, you should apply fertilizer monthly.

Additional Tips and Information

When choosing a bird of paradise to be cultivated in your place, it is important that you search nurseries that cultivate and sell annual plants. It is also beneficial to purchase Bird of paradise in gallon containers.

Select those that look healthy. You can determine healthy plants by looking at the flower buds and leaves. Always choose those that have newly grown flower buds and leaves.

During winter, you should cultivate the plant indoors. It is best that you place the plant in an area in the hour with a warm temperature like a heated room.

You can also place the bird of paradise in a glasshouse during winter. Make sure that the temperature in the room reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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