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How to Grow Apples

You may think that learning how to grow apples can be done in a minute.

While that is possible, the real process of engaging in the work of growing apples may not be something that you would expect.

The Expected Timeframe for Maturity

As such, one thing to remember in understanding how to grow apples is the timeframe that you would be expecting for it to grow from a seed to a full-grown fruit-bearing tree.

Basically, that would take a couple of years. So it would be better for you to start early if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Most Suitable Locations

Another point to bear in mind is the proper location where apples can mature and thrive.

Typically, temperate locations (which refer to certain places that usually do not get too cold or hot) are best for planting apples.

That would be areas having latitudes of about thirty degrees and sixty degrees north and south.

You can also grow apples if you have an average winter temperature in your location where you are expecting the near-freezing point to be for about two months.

Having mentioned that apples can also safely grow in the winter with temperatures of around forty degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The Steps in Growing

First: Get the Seeds. Many would like to grow apples from seeds.

To do this, you can get the seeds of a fresh apple, put them in a damp paper towel, and place them in the fridge.

Wait for about six weeks (the time when the seeds begin to sprout).

Second: Plant them in small pots.

Next, put them in small containers or pots and fill them with potting soil. Be sure to always check if the soil is still moist to help your seeds grow.

Place the container or pot in a sunny area.

Third: Transfer your plants when necessary. You can transfer the location of your apples when you see that they are now large enough to grow outdoors.

Once outside, provide it with proper ventilation and make sure it gets to about twelve hours of sunlight every day.

Fifth: Be sure to take care of it well. Apples need proper care by provision of ample fertilizers and much pruning to keep them healthy as they grow.

Sixth: Be patient. Caring for your plants as they slowly mature needs a lot of patience. The trees mature after a few years.

Understanding the important points in learning how to grow apples is absolutely pertinent.

If you take the time to learn these and also remember that growing apples may take a few years, the task of planting apples may not be a tedious chore for you.

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