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How to Grow Asparagus

Asparagus is a fine delicacy to have on your table. It has been considered as such even as early as the ancient days of Rome and Greece. Though it has over a hundred species, however, many of them are cultivated merely as plant ornaments. We’ll go over how to grow asparagus so that you’ll have this fernlike veggie fresh when you need it.


You’ll need the following materials to get started on how to grow asparagus. Prepare garden trowels and shovels. You’ll also need fertilizers, compost makers, mulch, and fertilizers. If you intend to grow asparagus indoors you should also prepare pots or some other type of gardening containers. Buy asparagus seedlings that you can transplant, which would make things a lot easier.

Choosing a Site

The first step on how to grow asparagus is to locate a site where these plants won’t be disturbed for a while. The place can be near other plants as long as they can have a congenial coexistence for about 10 years. You won’t have to worry about this if you want to grow asparagus in pots or containers.

Asparagus grows really well where there’s full sunlight. Check your soil’s pH levels, which should be at 6.5 pH up to 7.0 pH for it to be suitable. Soil that is rich in phosphorus and potassium will work a lot of wonders for this plant. You can amend your soil’s nutrients if you wish. You may place your plants in places with partial sun if you grow them in containers.

Best Regions to Grow Asparagus

Asparagus grows best in areas where there is more sun. It’s a warm season plant, which makes sense to grow them if you live in warm coastal areas. Those who live in areas and states that are quite colder, you may start growing them in containers when the threat of frost has passed. If grown right, your asparagus can last for a decade or even more. You

Transplanting and Growing

Here’s how to grow asparagus from seedlings. Transplant your young plants in seven inch deep furrows. Add bonemeal, wood ashes, and compost. Each plant should be 12 inches apart in several rows. Fill in your furrows gradually as the plants grow. You should take care not to cover any leaves that grow.

Caring and Further Growth

Weed through your rows diligently as your asparagus grows. Caring for your plants is an important part on how to grow asparagus. You may use organic fertilizer to help them grow. Harvest spears only after a year when your plants have gained enough strength.

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