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How to Grow Carrots

Do you want to learn how to grow carrots? Growing carrots? Sounds difficult?

Here is a very easy way to understand how to grow carrots without trying to remember complicated ways of gardening.

Where Can Carrots Grow and Perform Well

Carrots are actually like those plants that prefer cold temperatures.

However, you may notice that these can also work best in certain temperatures such as those between sixty to around seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.

A perfect location for growing these should have full sun exposure.

Although carrots may probably take in a lighter shade with less exposure to the sun, they may not thrive as expected unlike if they were planted in sunny areas.

However, too much sun exposure may also deter growth and make your carrots bitter-tasting upon harvest.

So, bear in mind that you may need to cover them with soil completely so that the roots grow well.

How to Plant Them

A soil depth of around twelve inches is most suitable for planting your carrots. Be sure to remove things in the soil that may hamper its growth. These things include rocks, twigs, and others.

An ample supply of organic matter is best. It will help increase the water retention of the soil. If the soil remains moistened, your carrots will be able to grow and taste sweeter.

Normally, the germination process would take about ten days. Sometimes, even more than that. So, to influence and speed the germination process, you may need to soak the seeds for about six hours in water before planting.

To capture the sun’s rays more, you may need to plant them in shallow ground for a while. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the moistened soil and cover them thinly with soil and sifted compost.

If the soil is warm already, you may plant the seeds to about a one-fourth and a half inch deep in the soil.

While it grows, you may notice that the seedlings become easily entwined. Just snip off the greens with your scissors.

You may also choose to gently pull the roots so you won’t harm or disturb the others that would remain.

Plant your carrot seeds as according to the packet or package instructions. Typically, that would have a spacing of around three to four inches.

To help it grow, you may spray the young plants with compost tea and add mulch.

Do not add manure or fertilizers that are high in nitrogen so your plants will have healthy roots as they continue to grow.

When to Grow Them

When you live in cooler regions, you need to plant your carrots about two to three weeks before the frost season begins.

In areas with warmer climates, a good time to grow carrots is to do it in the fall, winter, or springtime.

A last but also important reminder in learning how to grow carrots is to learn when you would harvest them.

A good sign to look for is when you see that your carrots would have a nice deep orange color.

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