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How to Grow Cashews

Even if you are new to planting, growing cashews should present little if any problems.

By following this simple guide, you’ll be able to cultivate them properly.

Where to Plant Cashews

The planting site needs to be devoid of other vegetation.

The soil must also be level. Cashews grow into trees, so they need 30 sq ft of land at least.

Planting the Cashews

Pick the nuts from trees that produce tasty cashews or buy them in a fruit nursery.

Allow the nuts to dry for about days. Next, immerse them in water for 2 days. This helps accelerate the germination.

Plant the three seeds in one plot. Arrange them in a triangle, 12 inches apart.

When growing cashews, you shouldn’t sow them more than four inches deep in the ground. Their stalks should face up at an angle.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Give these about 30 days to germinate fully. Pick the strongest one and discard the rest. Water the cashews regularly, especially during the first year.

It’s the growing year and the roots are not fully made yet, so water is needed. Water more often if it’s summer or there’s a drought.

At least three feet from the tree’s base must be cleared of other vegetation. Put some mulch here during summertime. This will keep needed moisture in place.

Fertilization is important when growing cashews. The amount needed will change as the tree matures.

It will also depend on the variety you buy. Remove all the dead branches on the tree.


You need to wait 3 to 5 years for the cashew tree to produce. Most will generate their maximum yield during their seventh year.

Some varieties will yield nuts in three years though.

Usually, the fruits and flowers appear around wintertime. You’ll be able to collect them in a couple of months.

You can tell when it’s ripe because the birds will be flocking all over it. The nutshell will have a grey color.

These nuts can be stored for up to two years. You just need to store them in a cool and dry place.


Cashew trees are versatile. It can adapt to both dry and wet conditions.

For best results, the temperature should not go below 50 F. A daily temperature of 77 degrees F is recommended.

However, these trees can deal with temperatures of 105 F.

The ideal grounds for growing cashews are sandy soils.

However, it can also grow on other types. It can also survive in drought but increased watering is recommended.

As with other plants, drainage is needed. It also helps if the place is shielded from any strong winds.

If you’ll be growing many trees, a distance of 30 ft for each one is necessary.

If you’re growing them for commercial purposes, you must use fertilizers and water them regularly.

Fertilize the trees as they mature and when flowers start to appear. You should irrigate them when it’s very hot.

Growing cashews requires dedication just like other plants. But if you persevere, you will get satisfying results.

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