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How to Grow Clematis

A lot of gardeners like growing clematis because it adds a nice touch to the environment. If you want to plant them too, here are the things you need to do.

Where to Plant Clematis

When you plant clematis the base needs to be covered with shade, but the rest of the plant must be exposed to the sun.

Avoid planting them in excessively hot and dry spots. The ideal place for nurturing these plants is cool weather. Clematis also requires well-drained soil.

Planting the Clematis Seeds

First, make certain that the threat of frost has already passed. The early spring is a good time to do it.

Begin by planting the clematis seeds indoors six weeks prior to the final frost. When growing clematis, you should put the seeds in the middle of the nursery pots. Add peat moss to the pot.

Dig an 18-inch deep and 18-inch wide hole for a nursery plant. The soil needs to be loose and filled with organic compost. The crown should be a couple of inches deep. Top it off with water and soil.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Aside from sunlight, there are other ways to help the clematis. Add some organic mulch on top of it. The plant needs to be watered daily in the summer. Do this in the morning.

As you start growing clematis, remember that the roots need to be moist. Add a couple of inches of mulch if it gets very hot. This will preserve the moisture needed.

When the seedpod appears brown, the seeds can be harvested. Look for this to come out in late summer.

You can use a general all-purpose fertilizer at least once a month.

Clematis needs to be pruned in the spring. While supports are needed, you need to be careful when putting the clematis on it.


Clematis comes in many colors. There are red purples, lavender, blues, etc. Some are even blended in. If you’re growing clematis, think of the overall design and color theme of your garden.

While the popular ones are always good choices, even the less well-known ones are attractive.

The trellis doesn’t just help you manage it. You can use it to decorate your garden. You can arrange it so that the leaves and flowers will hang well. The bloom can be either single or semi-double.

Clematis has scents but it isn’t as strong as that of other flowers. Of course, if you grow enough, the fragrance will permeate throughout the garden.

Planting Clematis in Containers

If you’re growing to plant clematis in containers, put fertilizer at the onset of every season. It will help tremendously during the growth phase. You can also use water-retentive gel crystals.

This will allow you to reduce the watering needed during hot days. Don’t expose the pot to direct sunlight. Place it in partial shade. Like other clematis, it requires cool roots.

Growing clematis is not without its challenges. But with regular upkeep, your garden will soon be filled with these lovely climbing plants.

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