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How to Grow Climbers

A wonderful way to beautify your garden is to learn how to grow climbers and use the trees or shrubs in your yard to serve as support for your climbers.

If you haven’t done this before, here are some points to follow to help you learn how to grow climbers:

Proper Selection is Important.

It is crucial to choose what climber you would like to plant in your garden.

The more common choices include the small varieties known as the Clematis, the ivy or the Hedera climber plant, the morning glory or Ipomoea, the jasmine-climbing species that is also known as the Jasminum, the cup-and-saucer vine or Cobaea scandens, and the Chilean glory flower or the Eceremocarpus saber.

But the selection process does not only involve your task of choosing what climber to grow. You also need to select the tree or shrub you will be using as support for your plant.

A most preferable choice would be a tree or a shrub that doesn’t flower at the same time your climber does.

Prepare the Planting Location.

Climbers usually need a lot of space for their roots to grow and spread. Full sunlight is imperative for the top parts of the climbers as they grow, and a good shade is perfect for the roots. That is why an ample supply of mulch is appropriate to provide the shade it needs.

Dig a portion of the shrub or tree and add some soil with a well-rotted organic substance to help the development of your climbers. Be sure that the planting area that you dig is a lot bigger than the rootball of your climber.

While some climbers require the same level of depth for planting as how they were planted in the pots upon purchase, there are a few that would need about two inches deeper or so.

Be Sure it Gets a Good Supply of Rainfall.

To make your climber receive a good amount of rainfall to assist in its growth, planting it at the outer portion of the canopy, of either the tree or shrub, is most suitable. In case there is no rain, be sure to keep the climber well-watered.

Learn How to Wrap the Climber.

To train your plant to grow into the tree or bush, you may use a cane and a string while it grows and spreads. Put a string to your plant and wrap your climber around the cane.

As soon it grows in that preferred direction, you may safely get the cane again.

While it grows, don’t forget to spread its shoots so it covers a wider area instead of a single area.

You can now sit back and see how you have managed to learn how to grow climbers and train them to grow to the shrub or tree.

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