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How to Grow Coconuts

Learning how to grow coconuts can be interesting.

Just imagine, from a mere coconut shell that you would probably see in most of the grocery stores around, a very tall palm tree can emerge.

What’s more, the tree can even give you around fifty to a hundred coconuts a year.

So, if you’re a bit curious and quite interested to learn more about how to grow coconuts, here are a few tips to bear in mind:

Where Not to Plant Your Coconuts

Coconuts are, basically, tropical trees so they grow best in most tropical areas.

So, if you live in certain locations where your weather has freezing temperatures now and then, it may not be a good idea to plant a coconut at home.

Why? Because freezing points in the temperature of the weather can damage the growth of the coconut and even kill it.

What Not to Do in Choosing the Coconut to Plant

You can buy your coconut for planting in any local grocery store around your neighborhood.

You can also choose to purchase them on the Internet at some of the reputable gardening companies online.

As you make your purchase, be sure not to choose a coconut that is not hairy.

The good coconut choices actually include those coconuts that are hairy, and brown, and still have the coconut juice or liquid inside the shell and not dried out yet.

After you get the seeds to plant, put them in a bucket with water. Soak them for about two to three days before planting.

What Not to Forget in Planting Coconuts

To get ready to plant, you have to use a planter to plant the seed of the coconut. The planter should have a size of about ten inches deep.

If you don’t have a ready-made planter, make your own by using an industrial bucket or other container. Prick holes in the bottom of this container.

Add the soil. Make sure that you cover the seed with the soil to about two-thirds, and leave about one-third of the seed above the soil.

Place this in a sunny location. Water this frequently.

You will then notice the coconut seed sprout after three to six months.

It is important to keep the plant in the planter for a while. That should take about three to four years as it grows.

When you notice the temperature drop to about eighty degrees, be quick to bring your plant inside and place it on the window sill or any area where it will get some sunlight.

You may transfer the tree and plant it in your front or back yard after three to four years.

When you are ready to do this, remember that your coconut may need ample space to grow and mature to about eighty feet high.

These important reminders to help you learn how to grow coconuts should be remembered so you won’t have a hard time growing your own coconuts at home.

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