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How to Grow Garlic

Most of us may not be aware but many people are growing garlic right in their own backyard.

This is because garlic is an easy crop to work with, easy enough that even people without any semblance of a green thumb can grow garlic successfully right on their own lot effortlessly as long as they know how to grow garlic the proper way.

When learning how to grow garlic for the first time, the most important thing to consider is which seed stock to use.

This is because the success behind growing garlic lies in one’s choice of the cove to be planted. Simply put, the largest clove should be the one planted since they are seedling that is likely to yield the greatest.

Taking note of the soil is also an important element to remember when learning how to grow garlic for the first time.

The soil that will be planted must be situated in such a way that it will receive much sunlight. It must also have a good drainage system.

For the soil itself, it must be loamy and fertilized enough to ensure a good yield from your garlic cloves.

So when does one plant their garlic? When learning how to grow garlic for the first time, remember that November is usually the best month for planting garlic.

One starts planting the coves at the start of the month and ends at the end of it, just before the ground becomes frozen with the onset of winter (or of cold climate, for those who are not in temperate regions).

To start growing garlic, plant the garlic cloves with their tips up and within half a foot of each other.

Cover those tips with approximately an inch of dirt. Knowing how to grow garlic is knowing that it takes around three to four weeks for the cloves to settle in and acclimatize to the soil.

Those who are learning how to grow garlic for the first time must also know that it is important to apply mulch to the seedlings.

This is because mulch protects the seedlings from extreme weather and from being swamped by weeds that compete with it for nutrition.

After some time, a bunch of brown leaves will sprout from the cloves. For those who are still learning how to grow garlic for the first time, this means that the garlic is ready to be harvested.

Learning how to grow garlic for the first time is not that hard and people should try doing it for the benefit of having a convenient source of fresh garlic is too good to pass up.

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