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How to Grow Ginger

In learning how to grow ginger, you must know a lot of important things like where it would grow best, what to do, and how to care for it.

Sounds difficult? Not really, especially if you have a love for ginger and you are really bent on learning how to grow ginger on your own.

To make it simpler, here are the tips to follow:

First: Know Where Ginger Grows Best. There are some who do not focus on the proper location for growing ginger.

But that is where they are wrong. For your ginger to thrive, heat or hot weather is imperative.

If your home is in one of the hottest areas in America, there is no need to worry about whether your ginger will grow and thrive. It will.

Cold weather stunts its growth and development. So, when it is cold outdoors, bring your plant inside and be sure that you can supply the warmth and heat it needs.

Second: Get Fresh Roots. Purchase your fresh ginger roots at an Asian market or at your local grocery store.

Be sure to get fat tubers of ginger that have numerous buds.

Third: Know When is the Right Time to Plant Ginger.

Whether you plant this inside your home or outside, bear in mind that ginger should be planted in the time of spring.

This is because, during springtime, you would be able to supply warm temperatures to your ginger indoors or out.

However, remember that when the mercury hits about seventy-five to around eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, that’s only when those fat tubers will begin to sprout.

Fourth: Use the Appropriate Container.

The right size for the container should be approximately fourteen inches across bearing a depth of twelve inches to fit in about three tubers of ginger.

Moreover, it should provide excellent drainage.

Put potting soil and lots of compost in the container to help your plant grow.

Soak and Prepare the Tubers. Using warm water, soak the tubers overnight.

Then, place these in the container just a few inches below the surface of the soil – making sure that the buds are facing up.

Space the tubers evenly to allow them to grow well.

Depending on the temperature or the weather, place your container in or outside your home.

Sixth: Be Sure to Know How to Water Your Plant. The first time you plant your ginger, it’s best to water them lightly.

You can use more water only when you see that your plant starts to grow. During winter, it’s best to keep them dry.

Care for Your Plant as They Grow. Be quick to shield your plant in case of high winds or cool temperatures. Bring them inside if the weather is really cold.

When you notice new sprouts appearing in front of your ginger, dig them and use them.

They usually form their own average-sized or fat tubers. Freeze or replant them.

Maturity usually starts around ten months to a year. During this time, your plant would grow to about two to four feet long.

Understanding all the important basics in learning how to grow ginger will help you immensely.

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