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How to Grow Grapes

These are fruits that have a few basic requirements. As long as you as you meet them, growing grapes will be straightforward.

Where to Plant Grapes

Pick a site that has quality soil drainage (6 to 6.5 pH is ideal). The soil should also be rich in organic matter. The air drainage is also important. If possible, plant the seeds along a slope or a place where cold air will drain off.

This is necessary if it gets cold in your area. The worst thing that can happen is if the cold air pools up. Do not plant in an area where water collects. Vines can handle a bit of water around them, but it is best avoided.

Planting the Seeds

Before growing grapes, you need to prepare the soil. Put the organic matter on top of the soil. Let the earthworms and other creatures take the material down.

This technique also keeps the soil strong and healthy. You can use fish emulsion as a fertilizer.

Try not to mess up the soil too much when digging. After planting, add some mulch above it. Just let it drop into the soil naturally. This is one of the best ways for the plant to obtain nutrients.

There are lots of grape variants out there. Go to the nursery and ask which one best suits your region.

Do not even think about growing grapes not suitable for your area. Some variants require plenty of sun and others partial shade.

Check with the nursery for more facts about this. Given the opportunity, you should plant grapes that don’t need partial shading; these types are susceptible to infection and diseases.

Proper Care and Maintenance

The best way to take care of grapes is to dig deep (12”). The soil should have fast drainage and needs to be loamy.

When the grapes start to grow, use a trellis. Use this to support and manage the vines. Check with the nursery for the local types in your area, because some vines can grow to great lengths.

When you start growing grapes, make sure the trellis keeps the fruits above the soil.

If you don’t, it will rot. You can actually make the grapes flourish along a fence. You can also use grape stakes.


Grapes are ripe for picking when they color. The longer it is on the vine, the sweeter it will be. You just need to pluck a few and taste them to see if the desired texture is there.


Plant new vines when the old ones start getting dormant. In the northern hemisphere, this means around fall. The maturity period for grapes is between 165 to 180 days.

You need to be patient. If the soil has a pH of 6.8 you can use sulfur to acidify it. To keep the weeds out, you can use a cover crop. This can consist of rye or barley.

Growing grapes is one of the most pleasurable ways you can enhance your garden. No doubt, it takes some work, but the end result will be some sumptuous fruits.

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