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How to Grow Oranges

Growing oranges is one of the best ways those new to planting can learn. The following steps will guide you through the process of successfully planting these tasty fruits.

Where to Plant Oranges

You should plant the seeds in a place that gets full sunlight. The soil must also drain well. But you can also use the container method.

First, you should wash the seeds in lukewarm water. Make a few holes in the container. Add some soil. For plastic, create four holes, and for paper two.

Planting the Seeds

Plant the seeds half an inch into the potting soil. Moisten the soil with water; do not soak it. Put a cover on the container. Water again if the moisture dissipates.

When growing oranges, you must put the container in a warm, not dry, location. You can place it above the TV.

When it sprouts, relocate it to a sunlit spot. Add more water if needed. When the seedling gets big enough, you can transplant it into a pot or your garden.

Proper Care and Maintenance

The biggest threats to young plants are fungus and mold. Clean the surrounding area so mold doesn’t appear. Clear out any stagnant water and debris.

Put a plastic bag over the seedling during winter. This will keep the moisture from drying out.

Note: Plant oranges that are suited for your area. Washington’s navels are best in California and Valencia in places like Miami and Texas.

Before you start growing oranges, check with your local nursery. They’ll know what variety is best for your area.

Harvesting and Other Tips

Harvest time differs per variety. You just need to pluck one and taste it. Weekly deep watering is recommended during midsummer. When the weather cools down, reduce watering. Fertilization should be done every month.

You’ll also need to shelter the plants if the temperature goes below 28 F. It’s also possible to grow citrus from the seeds.

However, there is no assurance that the results will be good. It will still depend on how well you take care of it.

When growing oranges you need to be patient. The time for bearing fruit varies greatly.

Some seedlings take as little as two years while others up to 15 years, so you need to research the varieties in your locality for the best choices.

If you’re planting the seeds of a blood orange, remember that it is a hybrid. As stated, the growth time will take a while.

It’s possible to grow from blood oranges but you should consider buying a tree from the nursery as well. For beginners, the best method is to start with a pot and move to the garden later.

There are lots of fungicides and treatments for oranges available. Some products might be variety specific so you need to read it first before trying anything.

The key to growing oranges is to care for them consistently. As long as the plants get the proper nourishment, you’re going to end up with a basket full of these delicious fruits.

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