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How to Grow Orchids

Growing orchids is one of the best ways to beautify your garden. There are of course many types of orchids, but the following general procedures should help you start producing these lovely plants.

Where to Plant Orchids

Select an area with plenty of sunlight provided it isn’t too hot. This also holds true for potted plants. Wherever you plant the orchids, avoid placing them in direct contact with late afternoon sunlight.

Most orchid varieties also love areas with strong airflow. Pick a site with a high humidity. The ideal climate is between 50 to 75 F. The ideal conditions are strong rains alternating with dry periods.

Planting and Caring for the Orchids

It’s best to start growing orchids by buying quality plants from a nursery. Watering is crucial.

All orchids are tropical plants. They need to be moistened regularly. Moisture is the key word here; do not drown the plant in water.

Just water the roots every few days to keep the moisture in. If the humidity isn’t ideal, get a plant mister.

One of the best ways to care for an orchid is by potting. A small pot is perfect for the orchid’s roots.

The potting mix should consist of mulch specially designed for tropical plants. You can get these from nurseries.

It’s also best if you use fertilizers meant for that orchid variety. Before you start growing orchids, you should check with a local nursery to get the right fertilizer.

Repotting Orchids

Most orchids need to be repotted once a year. Others need it every three years. First off, you should never repot an orchid that’s flowering.

Report it when the bloom disappears. Slice off the dead flowers (use only sterile snippers).

Again, the orchids need special soil. The soil usually consists of pine bark, charcoal, and other clunky materials. Make sure the pots have big drainage slits.

Follow this guide to safely repot your orchid. Take it out from the pot (or whatever container you use). Be very careful when you move it out.

Look at the roots. If they’re healthy, the color will be white. If you’re growing orchids properly, there will also be a green tip. Cut out any black and dead roots you see.

Put the orchid in the new pot. Add some potting mixture. Make certain that the plant is securely placed. Do not anchor the orchid; the plant will do this itself once it settles in the new pot.

Allow the newly repotted plant to get morning sun. You should also put the pot in a tray full of gravel. This will give it the humidity it needs. The gravel will also absorb excessive water.


The rule for watering is simple: water it weekly during the summer. Allow the liquid to soak the roots.

Liquid fertilizers are the best ones to use. A 20-20-20 solution at quarter strength is the usual dosage during the growing season.

Growing orchids can be an enjoyable experience. The sight of these flowers blooming in your garden will enhance the appearance of your home in a way few furnishing can match.

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