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How to Grow Rice

One of the most interesting things in learning how to grow rice at home is that this actually does not need a lot of maintenance and care.

So, if you’re one of those who love to eat rice at meals to fill your carbohydrate requirement and combine them with your favorite foods, here are the tips to follow to learn more about how to grow rice at home:

First: Learn Where Rice Needs to Grow.

Rice needs full sun, a warm temperature in the air, and warm water to grow. Actually, they need standing water to develop.

If you grow them at home, you can make and prepare your own rice paddy to plant them in.

Second: Provide Fertilizers in the Right Amounts.

To make your homemade rice paddy, get equal portions of potting soil and compost. Mix these well.

Then, place about six inches of this in buckets.

Third: Plant Your Rice.

It would be easier to get a handful of rice and toss them in the homemade rice paddy. These grains will rest on the surface level of the soil.

Fourth: Check the Water Level as Your Rice Grows.

When there is an amount of growth of about five inches in height, you need to make sure that the water level is about two inches above the surface of the soil.

If there is more, be sure to be quick to drain the water content.

You can do this by scooping them out with any container like a cup. Do not drown your plant but always keep the soil moist for about three days.

After those days, you can safely water it again. But just about four inches deep will do.

Keep this level of the water for a while until you notice the stalks becoming golden in color and having a curve at its top.

When that happens, drain the water again up to the soil level.

For about a week, you may allow the soil to become dry in your rice paddy. This will make your rice stalks change color again.

This time they will change to a completely brown color.

Fifth: Learn the Process of Cutting and Preserving.

When the stalks turn completely brown, you may proceed with cutting the stalks.

After that, the next thing to do is to wrap these rice stalks in newspapers. Keep it for about two weeks.

Sixth: Proceed with Roasting and Storing the Rice.

The last thing to do is to roast your rice. Your oven should have a temperature of around two hundred degrees for its heat.

It is recommended that you roast the rice for an hour.

After roasting, don’t forget to remove the hulls. Use your bare hands for this task.

The last thing to do is to store the rice. A simple plastic bag can do or you may also use an air-tight container.

After doing all these basic steps, you may see that learning how to grow rice at home can be really enjoyable.

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