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How to Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes grown in your own garden really give you more advantages. First, you learn how to grow tomatoes on your own or with the help of your family.

And, second, you save a lot of money compared to merely purchasing tomatoes at your local grocery store.

Planting Tomatoes is Easy

Anyone who likes growing tomatoes can learn the process. As such, when the crucial factors are taken into account, it would be easier to understand how to grow tomatoes.

The Crucial Factors One Has to Remember

What are the important points to bear in mind? That would include the proper location of growing tomatoes, the types of tomatoes that you would choose to grow, proper soil condition, the manner of planting, and others. Let’s take them one by one.

Where to Grow Your Tomatoes

Where do your tomatoes grow best? Typically, these are known to thrive in the hottest areas of your garden where they can get full sun exposure.

That is why if you choose to plant them at the west side of your home or the south side area, and these are known to be the sunniest areas where you live, you will see that your tomatoes will be able to grow in healthy manner.

Moreover, these can be planted in certain locations such as the patio, deck or lanai. You can also plant them using a plastic as a protective covering for the soil.

Tomatoes can also be planted in tires because the colored black sides are actually known to help absorb the heat during daytime and make it radiate during nighttime.

The Different Choices to Grow

There are so many varieties of tomatoes available. You may have to decide first which you like to grow before proceeding with the planting process.

Beginners can do well to plant these types: the Red Pak or Pik Red which can give you large tomatoes, the IPB which most researchers favor, the Early Girl which is medium-sized, and the Pixie which can grow to about four feet high and can be a good choice if you would like to plant in your patio just like the other tomatoes such as the Patio, Tiny Tim, and Red Cherry.

Other good choices include the Gold Nugget, the Glacier, the Siberia, the Sweetie, the Sweet 100, the Better Boy, the Big Early, the Champion, the Burpee Big Boy, the Siletz, the New Yorker, the Presto, and the Spring Set.

The Soil Condition

Tomatoes will do well if you add generous amounts of compost or manure, and peat moss to the soil.

The soil should be around eighteen inches wide and twelve inches deep. Add a garden fertilizer, and water your tomatoes thoroughly.

The Planting Process

You can actually plant your tomatoes a little deeper, and place more than one tomato plant in a hole.

As your plants grow, be sure to provide it with wire cages for them to grow well.

In watering, be sure that you water heavily at the base of the tomato plants. Don’t water the leaves. Just concentrate on the soil where they grow.

Tomatoes actually do not require much pruning. You may prune only when you notice that the top flowers of your tomatoes do not produce fruit. This would help the plant develop well.

These factors in learning how to grow tomatoes make planting these plants simpler to understand.

That is why it is important to take note of them.

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