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How to Grow Mangoes

Growing mangoes is actually easier than some fruits because it needs little maintenance. If you plant it correctly, it will take care of itself mostly.

Where to Plant Mangoes

The best places to plant them are low-fertility soils with plenty of sunlight. You don’t need to grow them in rich soil.

The ideal time to plant is at the end of the rainy season.

Planting the Mango

You can obtain the seeds in two ways; from the mango or by buying trees in a nursery.

If you’re going to plant a couple of trees or there’s already one, plant the seed 20 feet away. Make a hole large enough for the root ball.

Throw in a couple of shovelfuls of compost. When growing mangoes from nurseries, be sure to fill them up with soil. Tap the ground when you’re finished.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Water it regularly during the growing years. You can also apply an all-purpose fertilizer twice a year. You should also put some compost around the drip line twice yearly.

Do not water the mango too much. This is especially true when the soil is heavy. The fertilizer also needs to be applied according to the instructions.

Too much of it will weaken the tree. As the tree gets older, add more phosphorus and potassium; lessen the nitrogen.

Mulching is also recommended. The best types of compost are those made of wood ash.


The nursery trees can bear fruits in 3 to 4 years. Mango seeds may take up to eight years before bearing fruit.

The harvest will vary greatly depending on your location. In places like Hawaii, the spring rains will hamper fruit production.

If you’re growing mangoes in a suitable climate, you‘ll get good production every year.

After harvesting the mangoes, cut off the middle section of the fruit. This contains the seed.

Disease Prevention

Powdery mildew is one of the most common infections that can afflict mangoes. This doesn’t just affect the fruit; it can damage the whole tree.

However, there are several fungicide sprays you can use.


If you want to use the mango seed, cut the mango in half. Get the middle section. Cut it up and take out the seed. If you want to plant this, put it in a pot with drainage and some soil.

Growing mangoes in pots is possible. However, their size will be restricted and the odds are it won’t bear fruit.

If the weather’s ideal, the plant might grow larger than the pot. If it keeps getting bigger, transplant it in the garden. For best results, you can nourish mangoes with liquid plant food.

This is the same one you feed tomatoes and can be purchased in most nurseries. As stated, mangoes thrive in hot sunny conditions. If it gets too cold, you will need to move it indoors.

Even if you prefer growing mangoes from nursery trees, you’ll still have to wait for a couple of years or more for them to bear fruit. But be patient; your work will pay off.

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