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How to Grow Mushrooms

When you need to learn how to grow mushrooms either for food consumption to be added to most of your favorite dishes or just for an exotic home display, crucial points must be taken into consideration.

The Location

One of these pertinent points is the location for planting your mushrooms.

Mushrooms are known to grow from their own microscopic spores instead of seeds, and they can be planted in almost any type of location and on any type of material.

Various materials include trees, large logs, soil, mulch, dung, dead or decomposing leaves, and compost.

While the location of learning how to grow mushrooms is imperative, there are also other factors you have to understand for you to be able to learn how to make your mushrooms grow and develop in a healthy manner.

The Recommended Time

Timing is also crucial. There are some types of fungi or mushrooms that grow best until the moisture conditions and temperature are perfect for growing them.

Some thrive a few days – say, around seven to ten days – after it has rained in that location.

And others are known to grow and produce for merely one particular season within the year.

The Varieties

One more thing to bear in mind is the handful of varieties of mushrooms that are available.

If you aim to grow mushrooms so you can eat them when the time is right for harvest, you have to stick to the edible types.

The most common varieties that can be eaten include the following:

The Shitake are large mushrooms bearing a meaty texture that is a bit spongy. Lots of Asian dishes are made with these types.

The Button mushrooms are the most cultivated types. These are also known as table mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus, or white mushrooms.

These types usually have a milder flavor, and all their parts can be eaten.

The Crimini mushrooms are just like the button mushrooms in terms of texture and size.

They have a more intense earthy and meaty flavor and could be added to your meals.

The Portobello mushrooms also have a meaty texture which is why most vegetarians love using this as a perfect substitute for meat in their meals.

Grilling this would be the most appropriate way to cook it.

The Process

A very simple manner of planting and growing mushrooms in your own home is to get yourself a log. That should be an inoculated log made of hardwood.

Be sure that the log also has mycelium (a fungus that helps spawn mushrooms).

Once you get your log, soak it for about twenty-four hours in cold water. Then, place this in a dark and moist location, and let it stay there for a week.

Within that span of time, you will see some mushroom growth that can be harvested already. You may do so but remember not to throw the log.

That can still be used many times provided that the mycelium on it has not been harmed.

Learning how to grow mushrooms at home can then be simpler to understand and remember when you have these crucial points in mind.

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