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How to Grow Roses from Clippings

If you have roses in your garden, do you know that you can help them propagate just by cutting or clipping some of the tips?

It’s easy, and you can quickly learn how to grow roses from clippings or cuttings with just a few steps.

First: Prepare Your Container.

One of the things you need to prepare in learning how to grow roses from clippings is to have a container ready.

A small four-inch nursery container would be appropriate.

Place potting soil, and water it.

Second: A Healthy Flower Choice is Important.

In choosing your rose plant, select a healthy plant in full bloom so you can easily propagate it.

You have to make sure that it shows no indications of stress, fungus disease, or insect infestation.

Third: Proceed in Cutting the Rose Plant of Your Choice.

Cut a small section of its stem to about six to ten inches in length. Remember to leave at least one rose bud that is almost starting to open with the cut section.

Also, there should be some mature leaves in the stem you cut.

Fourth: Discard the Lower Leaves in the Cut Portion.

The item you have clipped from the healthy rose plant is not ready to be planted yet because you need to remove its lower leaves first.

This should be done to make a few joints (about two to three leaf joints) clearly visible. You can use your bare hands for this easy task.

Fifth: Dip Your Stem to Help It Grow.

Next, dip the clipped end of the piece of stem into a particular rooting hormone. This will help with the rapid rooting of the stem.

Sixth: Use a Pencil in Poking the Soil.

Instead of merely placing and pushing the cut stem into the potting soil you have prepared earlier, it is easier to use a pencil to poke a hole in the soil before you put your clipped stem in the container.

Aside from being simple to do, it also helps keep any damage from occurring in the delicate layers of the stem.

Gently place your clipped stem in the soil. Then, use your fingers to firm the soil surrounding the stem to help hold the stem in the container.

Seventh: Get a Large Plastic Bag to Place Your Clipped Stem in.

Now, get a plastic bag that will serve as a greenhouse for your stem.

Be sure that is large enough to fit everything in, so you can safely place your cutting in. Seal it.

The large bag can help retain moisture and heat as your plant grows and forms its own roots.

Place this in a warm location where your plant can grow well. Do not put this in an area with direct sunlight or this will kill your plant.

Eighth: Water Your Plant.

Be sure to keep the level of moisture elevated in your clipped stem in the bag. Mist your stem always, but do not overwater your plant.

Ninth: Learn the Time for Replanting.

After about three to four weeks, or depending on the current season you have, you may now get your plant from a plastic bag.

You will notice that it has already grown some roots by this time. When you see this, and also notice new growth, it is time to replant this and let it grow on its own.

At this time, you may now congratulate yourself on a job well done for learning how to grow roses from clippings.

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