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How to Grow Sampaguita

Sampaguita is a sensuous flower with a very distinctive sweet scent. It is commonly known as Jasminum Sambac, Philippine Jasmine, Arabian Jasmine, and Kampupot among others. In some countries, it stands as a noble symbol of fidelity, strength, purity, dedication, and devotion.

Sampaguita is naturally a tropical flower that grows extensively in the tropics. If you know how to grow Sampaguita the right way, you can enjoy it in bloom for six to nine months out of a year. The small, white, yet powerfully fragrant flower that decorates the shrub has become the base for some of the world’s most popular perfumes. Why not? Sampaguita is one of the best-smelling flowers the world has ever known. Do you want to know how to grow Sampaguita on your own? Read on.

Step 1: Examine your hardiness zone. In the United States, you need to be in a zone 8 or higher surrounding. Sampaguita tolerates humid weather but dies off instantly with frost. Make sure that your gardening space will allow the shrub to enjoy as much sunlight.

Step 2: Work the soil, and feed it with enough compost. Make sure that it retains moisture but drains well enough. Your Sampaguita does not sit well with clay-like soil.

Step 3: Plant the cuttings. Sampaguita cuttings are easy to root if you have healthy soil and a healthy, tropical environment all around. You may use a pot to put your plant into but you may need to change the pot size every time your plant grows. Otherwise, you may choose an open surrounding where you can allow your Sampaguita to grow as tall as 8 feet. You can, however, watch the directions it spreads out by tying supports every now and then.

Step 4: Trim the Sampaguita shrub regularly. Pruning your shrub will encourage the emergence of new wood, where fragrant flowers will bloom. You may pluck the fragrant flowers as soon as they have opened. Make sure that you pluck them regularly because the flowers expire within the day it is in bloom.

Sampaguita are nice-smelling flowers to have around the house. You can use the flowers for a soothing relief in a corner or as a base for your own perfume. You can learn how to grow Sampaguita indoors but a lot of people choose otherwise because the smell can sometimes be too much for them to take.

No matter what, Sampaguita is a pleasant shrub that you could use to decorate your garden while enhancing its smell.

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